CE credits now available with Quotient's popular Competency Testing Kit.

In today’s time-constrained laboratory, Quotient is pleased to add Continuing Education value to the competency assessment or training process, utilizing the Quotient ALBAcheck® Competency Testing Kit. It’s a multi-tasking sure bet.

Quotient has launched an e-learning website powered by beLearningTM  www.bcw.edu/qcases  where the customer can access Continuing Education case studies, specifically designed to synchronize with the antibody samples in the Quotient ALBAcheck® Competency Testing Kit.  Each kit provides up to 20.0 hours of P.A.C.E.® accredited Continuing Education  (2.0 hours of credit per sample vial).    

1)     Learners must first obtain the correct results for antibody detection and antibody identification for the assigned sample vial. 

2)      Managers confirm the results using the Competency Testing Kit limited-access key, where they also obtain the associated Case Number. 

3)     With the correct antibody specificity and the case number, the learner proceeds to the website for the self-study, on-line learning portion of the Continuing Education session.  

4)     Successful completion of the session generates a P.A.C.E.® certificate, specific for the learner, and issued by Quotient.