Red Cell Reagents

Reagent Red Cells for Column Agglutination Technologies & Conventional Manual Tube Testing.

ALBAcyte® Red Cell Reagents

Quotient manufactures a superior range of reagent red cells for use in both patient and donor testing applications. All panels are manufactured from pre-selected donors, thus providing consistent high quality products.

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General Features for both CAT and Manual Tube Reagent Red Cell panels

  • Antibody Screening Panels are comprised of R1WR1, R2R2 and rr red cell phenotypes.
  • Prepared from pre-selected and well established donor panels
  • Cw positive on all screening panels
  • Includes Kpa and Lua positive as well as Fya-b- and Lea-b- Phenotypes
  • Extended phenotype information available on panel cells
  • Profile allows identification of most antibodies and mixture without recourse to additional panels.

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