Speciality Products

Many of our specialty products have transformed some aspects of transfusion diagnostics.

ALBAcheck® BGS Competency Testing Kit

As part of the ALBAcheck® BGS group of products, the Quotient Competency Testing Kit offers flexible assessment of laboratory performance. This kit is a set of 10 randomly selected serum samples. It is intended for use as an internal, self-assessment, Quality Assurance Scheme for the detection of weak blood group antibodies.

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ALBAcyte® RhD Negative Screening panel

All ALBAcyte®  panels are manufactured from pre-selected donors, thus providing consistent high quality products. The RhD negative panels are for antibody screening in patients who have received prophylactic Anti-D and are comprised of r’r, r’’r and rr  red cell phenotypes.

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ALBAclone® Advanced Partial RhD Typing Kit

Quotient is recognized as the premier manufacturer of kits to assist in the identification of weak and partial RhD types. This kit comprises of twelve well characterized antibodies from different monoclonal anti-D cell lines.

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ALBAcheck® - BGS ALBAsure Sensitivity Controls

As part of our ALBAcheck®-BGS range, Quotient has specially formulated weak sensitivity controls. ALBAsure is a combination of Anti-K, Anti-c, Anti-E and Anti-S. This sensitivity control kit provides weak antibodies to stress test platform.

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