Supplying OEM products for over 30 years.

Quotient, through its manufacturing company Alba Bioscience, provides a comprehensive list of products that can be purchased on an OEM basis.

A long history as an OEM manufacturer

Products offered include:

1.    Quality Control Reagents
2.    Intermediate products For Further Manufacturing (FFMU)
3.    External Quality Assessment samples (EQA Kits)
4.    Finished bulk and vialled reagents, including Red Cell Panels and Antisera

Quality Control Reagents

Quotient was amongst the first manufacturers to offer a range of quality control reagents for immunohematology testing procedures. We offer Simulated Whole Blood Controls that can be used on multiple automation platforms including Provue, Galileo, WA Diana, Tango and GelStation for the routine quality control on automated platforms. We also offer Sensitivity Controls and weak IgG antibodies that can be used to stress automated blood-grouping systems and ensure the sensitivity of test procedures. 


Intermediate products for further manufacturing (FFMU)

Quotient provides blood typing and anti-human immunoglobulin intermediates for further manufacturing use (FFMU), for a wide range of blood group specificities. These concentrated monoclonal antibodies can be formulated by manufactures to provide finished reagents to suit their specific applications.

External Quality Assessment Samples (EQA Kits)

Quotient has been providing proficiency material to international EQA schemes worldwide for over 5 years. We offer a standard EQA format of up to 10 samples including simulated whole blood, antibody screen and compatibility testing and direct antiglobulin testing that can be adopted by assessment organization and packaged as their own. These can be supplied up to four times a year. Scheme organizers are responsible for collating and processing data submitted by their participants.  

Finished bulk and vialled products

Quotient has formulated a wide range of Blood Typing Reagents that meet the requirements of the European Directive 98/79/EC. These reagents are offered as bulk quantities in different fillings as well as standardised vials with droppers ready for labeling. Reagents include red cells panels for CAT and conventional test procedures, AHG and a wide range of monoclonal and polyclonal antisera. Depending on the quantities required, Quotient can label these products in your own trade dress and assist with product and batch registration. Minimum quantities may apply.