Complying with CAP TRM.31450


Both CMS (42 CFR 493.1281) and the College of American Pathologists (TRM.31450 & COM.04250) require laboratories that use more than one method of testing a given analyte to have a system in place to compare those methods.  Laboratories are required to check those methods against each other twice a year.

In a recent study, conducted at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, the ALBAcheck® Competency Testing Kit from Quotient was incorporated into their comparability of methods protocol.  The kit was shown to be a simple and convenient solution to complying with these requirements.  To see the full poster (click here).

Quotient Puts the CE in CompEtency


Quotient has launched an e-learning website powered by beLearningTM where the customer can access Continuing Education case studies, specifically designed to synchron...

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