Quotient Biodiagnostics Launches New ALBAcheck® Competency Training Kit and Three New Reagents

NEWTOWN, Penn. (August 15, 2010)—Quotient Biodiagnostics, Inc., dedicated to providing high quality immunohematology products to hospitals and blood banks, today announced that it has launched four new products including:  ALBAcheck® - BGS Competency Training Kit, ALBAhance® PEG, ALBAhance® LISS Additive, and ALBAcheck® - BGS Simulated Whole Blood Controls.   

Quotient has introduced the new ALBAcheck Competency Training Kit, which includes a collection of 20 blinded antibody samples that can be used to train or evaluate staff competency and ability to identify antibodies.  The Kit is an effective way to save time that is now spent compiling tests, collecting samples, and blinding the samples. The Kit also increases staff productivity by providing varied antibody samples that really put staff through the paces.

Other benefits of the Kit are:

  • Saves time – for managers and for lab techs
  • No need to collect samples and manage the process

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  • No other product on the market is as comprehensive
  • Able to begin training new staff on the day they start
  • Provides a true assessment of competency through breadth of sample variation

In addition to the kit, Quotient introduced three new reagents:   

  • ALBAhance® PEG – an enhancement media for antiglobulin testing
  • ALBAhance® LISS Additive – an enhancement media for antibody screening and identification tests comprised of modified LISS (low ionic saline solution) with a preservative
  • ALBAcheck® - BGS Simulated Whole Blood Controls for use on Immucor® Galileo® or Echo® instrumentation.

“All of our new products help immunohaematology laboratories increase their efficiency whether it is the time and efforts saved by managers training and evaluating staff by using our ALBAcheck® Competency Training Kit or the lower cost of our ALBAhance® enhancement media,” said Michael Hannan, V.P., Marketing & Commercial Development, Quotient Biodiagnostics.  “This is all part of our goal to bring innovative, high quality and high value products to the blood banking community.”

Quotient Biodiagnostics’ current portfolio now  includes products used in ABO forward blood typing, namely Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-AB;  Rh typing reagents including four Anti-D products, Rh Control, Anti-E, and Anti-c; and rare anti-sera including Anti-k, Anti-M, Anti-N, Anti- Lea, Anti-Leb, and Anti-Lu– all monoclonal antibodies.   Quotient also has three enhancement media products on the market including Bovine Serum Albumin, PEG and LISS Additive. 

 As well, Quotient has three specialty products in its current portfolio including the ALBAclone® Advanced Partial RhD Typing Kit which identifies weak and partial RhD types with results comparable to molecular analysis at a fraction of the cost,  Quant-Rho® FITC Anti-D product that quantifies Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage without the tribulations of KB staining. Finally, Quotient has several applications pending before, or soon to be submitted to, the FDA to complete its full portfolio of manual reagents of nearly 75 products. 

 Since announcing its expansion into the U.S. transfusion market in 2009, Quotient Biodiagnostics

has made significant progress in building its customer base and product use, supported by its more than 30 years of experience in Europe and other markets, quality manufacturing and commitment to service excellence.

Those interested in learning more about Quotient Biodiagnostics and its line of products are encouraged to visitwww.quotientbd.com, or call the customer service line 888-284-1901, or e-mail customer.service@quotientbd.com. 

About Quotient Biodiagnostics 

Quotient Biodiagnostics, formed in 2009,  is the diagnostics division of Quotient Bioscience Group (United Kingdom), and through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Alba Bioscience, brings over 30 years of experience in the transfusion medicine market to the Group.  Quotient will focus on providing innovative, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to the worldwide transfusion medicine market, helping to ensure safe and reliable blood transfusions.  Quotient’s goal is to develop innovative new products and technologies to serve the worldwide transfusion medicine market, build a commercial operation (initially in North America) to market and sell the Group’s blood typing and screening products and continue as an important supplier of key raw materials and innovative new products to the Original Equipment Manufacturers market.

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